Daemonium: Underground Soldier

Daemonium: Underground Soldier

The story of Daemonium begins in an alternate universe to ours, in which magic and technology coexist with humans and demons. A powerful family hires a band of mercenaries and forces Fulcanelli, a wizard and con artist, to invoke a demon with the purpose of gaining even more power. Of course, things go terribly wrong. The wizard escapes and the demon slaughters the mercenaries, with the exception of Razor. He’s the one who seals the deal to become lord of the criminal underworld. The family kidnaps Lisa, his pregnant wife, and turns her into a merciless killing machine and the spear point of their offensive against Razor. But she’s not the only threat to the crime lord. It’s only a question of time before the demon returns to claim Razor’s soul. Fulcanelli seems to be the key to stopping the demon and Razor sends out his band of sexy killer robots to find him.

Director : Walter Cornu00e1s, Pablo Paru00e9s
Casts : Caro Angus, Dany Casco, Walter Cornu00e1s, Chucho Fernu00e1ndez, Rodrigo Guerechit, Amanda Nara, Rocu00edo Rodru00edguez Presedo, Jotar Tarruella, Juan Diego West, Maite Zumelzu00fa
Countrys : Argentina
Ratings : 4.2
Ratings Count : 503
Releasing : 2015-11-05
Time : 120

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