Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Mainlander & financial analyst Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuan-Yuan), who followed her then boyfriend Owen (Terence Yin) to Hong Kong, runs into her ex-boyfriend while riding the bus. Owen is now with his pregnant wife and when his wife spots Owen talking to his ex she she freaks out. Cheng hurriedly gets off the bus and, being in a daze, is almost run over by a car. A haggard drunk named Fang (Daniel Wu) then saves Cheng. Meanwhile, in a nearby car, sits CEO Cheung Shen (Louis Koo) who watches everything that transpires. CEO Cheung Shen is a playboy who also works in an office building directly adjacent to Cheng Zixin. Cheung Shen soon starts to woo Cheng Zixin by sending messages to her through the window of his office building. The drunk haggard Fang, who saved Cheng Zixin’s life, runs into Cheng Zixin a few weeks later. It turns out that the drunk haggard is a Canadian-born top architect going through personal problems. They soon become friends.

Director : Johnnie To, Wai Ka-Fai
Casts : Louis Koo, Yuanyuan Gao, Daniel Wu, Hin-Wai Au, Larisa Bakurova, Allie Chan, Joanne Chung-Yan Chan, Si-Leung Chan, Vibeke Ma Cheuk-Ning, Ya-Chun Du, Pak-Yin Fung
Countrys : HongKong
Ratings : 6.5
Ratings Count : 1,252
Releasing : 2011-03-31
Time : 115

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