Jill and Joy’s Winter

Jill and Joy’s Winter

Jill and Joy (both 9) live in their own house like any other little girls, except that they might be a little happier than most little girls, as they get to live in their own house specifically designed for the two. One December evening a small car, barely the size of a shoebox, pulls up in front their house, and a teensy-weensy family gets out; it’s the McTiny family. The family has become homeless after a road roller smashed their home. Planning to live with the girls temporarily, the family moves in with Jill and Joy but soon finds out that not all big people have good intentions towards them. Jill and Joy’s Winter is based on a beloved book by the same name, written by a Finnish writer named Marjatta Kurenniemi.

Director : Saara Cantell
Casts : Eija Ahvo, Kristiina Elstelu00e4, Edvin Fagerstru00f6m, Helena Gru00f6nqvist, Rebecca Halonen, Vu00e4inu00f6 Honkanen, Taisto Huttunen, Santeri Hu00e4nniku00e4inen, Jaakko Hu00e4rku00f6nen, Inka Kallu00e9n, Seppo Karja
Countrys : Finland
Ratings : 5.8
Ratings Count : 80
Releasing : 2015-10-09
Time : 81

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