Jingles the Clown

Jingles the Clown

Angela Nelson returns home to the place where she witnessed her family slaughtered by the notorious killer clown, Mr. Jingles. Accompanied by a team of paranormal experts, they set out to prove the grounds are not haunted by the long-dead ghost of Mr. Jingles. But they will soon find out they are wrong… DEAD WRONG!

Director : Tommy Brunswick
Casts : John Anton, April Canning, Virginia Bryant, Tevis R. Marcum, James Arthur Lewis, Nigora Mirkhanova, Tim Kay, Marisa Ruby, DaVaughn Lucas, Darrell M. Stavros, Stephanie Arble
Countrys : USA
Ratings : 4.6
Ratings Count : 59
Releasing : 2009-08-20
Time : 83

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