Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

Bill, Louis, Francis, and Zoey find themselves stuck in the city of Fairfield, Pennsylvania in the middle of an epidemic known as the Green Flu. They make their way to Mercy Hospital, where the infection is suspected to have started, and are rescued by a news helicopter. Unfortunately, the pilot becomes infected and Zoey must shoot him. They crash in nearby Whitney County, and from there cross a bridge on foot to a truck depot, where they take a truck and drive towards Riverside. A destroyed bridge at a turnpike on the way to Riverside forces the survivors to fight through infected zombies again. They enter Riverside through a church where a crazy man won’t let them in his safe room. The “church guy” rings the bell and calls a horde. After he succumbs to the infection, the door unlocks and the survivors kill him. They make their way through Riverside to a boathouse, where they use a radio to call John and Amanda Slater to rescue them in their fishing boat. Unfortunately, the Slaters … Written by Dogman15

Director : Mike Booth
Casts : Earl Alexander, Jim French, Jen Taylor, Vince Valenzuela, Mike Patton, Fred Tatasciore, Dennis Bateman, John Patrick Lowrie, Gary Schwartz, David Scully, Nathan Vetterlein
Countrys : USA
Ratings : 8.2
Ratings Count : 5,017
Releasing :
Time :

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