Soldier’s Creed

Soldier’s Creed

Two childhood buddies enlisted in the U.S. Army during the first Gulf War. In a flashback, Mike “Michigan” Harold recalls telling his wife Stacey that he is joining his buddy James “Nowhere” Walters in the service, much to her dismay. When the soldiers are involved in a firefight, their leader “Shay” is injured and Walters takes command. They meet a reporter named Hoskins who interviews Harold and prods him with personal questions. Later, Harold receives a “Dear John” letter from Stacey saying that she has left him. When he is teased by fellow soldier “Radar” about the letter, Harold turns the gun on Radar until Walters intervenes. Harold turns the gun on himself and commits suicide, which leads to his funeral and Walters reciting the “Soldier’s Creed” to himself in a voice-over. Written by Kristoffer Infante

Director : Matthew Books
Casts : Christina Andrews, Matthew Books, Luke Fulton, Jesse Holland, Kristoffer Infante, Gian Lanzafame, Andy Nissan, Steve Ogle, Philip Perrault, David Shane, Patrick Snider
Countrys : USA
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