Laura Diaz is an up-and-coming influencer under pressure by a VIP sponsor to give her best performance for a Halloween live stream giveaway. As the stream starts with a series of trivia questions, the night takes a creepy turn when a mysterious user comments on Laura’s personal life. As Laura continues to open gift boxes from her sponsors, she soon discovers that some of the boxes have grotesque gifts inside of them. The mysterious user then texts Laura and explains that she will have to play along with his own sick game of giveaway, or else there will be a deadly price to pay.

Director : Eddie del Carmen, David Becerra
Casts : Elaine del Valle, Katherine Diaz, Nicholas Ryan Hernandez, Christopher Brian, Paulina Sofia, Samantha Lopez, Heather Fisch, Mei-Lin HoSang, Eddie del Carmen, Keir Dumont, Natalie Veater
Countrys : UnitedStates
Ratings : n/A
Ratings Count : n/A
Releasing : 2022-07-25
Time : 73

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